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5th Apr 2024

Richie & John | New Episodes Week of June 30th

Riichie & John features co-hosts Richie Roy and John McMullen engaging on the current events of the day and week in the LGBTQ+ Community. Plus, they talk with people from all walks of life in the community as well as allies. From Arts & Entertainment to Health & Wellness to Recreation & Sports to Love, Sex and Relationships and everything in-between, we're talking about it. Three fresh episodes every week beginning the week of June 30, 2024 from the Mutual Broadcasting System.

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Richie & John
Richie & John is Infinitely LGBTQ+
Multiple times each week, Richie & John present a review of current events, news, lifestyle, entertainment and interviews with people from and supporting the LGBTQ+ Community. This program is hosted by veterans of the LGBTQ+ media industry who were involved in the creation and operation of pioneering services including the GAYBC Radio Network, Sirius OutQ, and Logo TV. Updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, don't miss an episode! We're Here! We're Queer! We've Got Your Ear!

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